Canine Clean Dog of the Month

Photo Contest

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What is it?

Canine Clean’s Dog of the Month contest is a photo contest where you post a picture of your dog on social media for the chance of them being crowned Canine Clean's Dog of the Month!

The winner will receive one free item from our store, one free wash, and their picture on our Dog of the Month Wall!

Each winner will also be entered in Canine Clean’s Dog of the Year Contest where the winner will receive a Muddy Paws Bath Package (20 Wash Pass)!

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How to enter

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Come to Canine Clean and give your dog a bath!


Snap a picture of your pup during bath time looking cute as can be!


Post your picture to Instagram or Facebook, tag @CanineCleanDSM and #DogofTheMonth

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How to win

On the 27th of each month at 12PM CST we will post all of the submissions to our Facebook where you will have the chance to share and get as many likes on the picture of your pup!

Votes will be counted until 8 PM on the last day of the month with the Dog of the Month being crowned the following day at noon!


The winning dog will automatically be entered in our Dog of the Year contest where you have the chance to win a Puddle Player 20 wash pass!


Canine Clean Dog of the Year

At the end of the year each of our Dog of the Months will go head to head to win the Dog of the Year. Dog of the Year gets their picture permanently on Canine Cleans Dog of the Year wall, as well as, a 20 Wash Puddle Player pass!
Terms and Conditions
  • Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

  • Pictures must be taken at Canine Clean, pictures submitted from other locations will not count.

  • Only one photo may be submitted per month.

  • If your dog does not win, you may reenter the following month

  • Must reside in Des Moines Area to enter

  • Dogs who do not win may re-enter monthly!

  • Submissions must be sent before 12 PM on the 27th of the Month Central Standard Time

  • Votes Will be Counted Until the Final Day of the Month at 8 PM

  • Winner will be announced at Noon the first of the following month

  • Winning dogs cannot enter in other months until the following year

  • Winning dogs will automatically be entered in our Dog of the Year Contest!

  • Submission to contest gives Canine Clean the rights to use submission photos for Advertising and Marketing purposes