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  • What is a self-service dog wash?
    A self service dog wash is a place where you can bathe your dog and use the facilities equipment to get it done. At Canine Clean, we provide a state of the art facility for you to give your dog a bath. You have access to everything a professional groomer would use to give your dog a bath but instead you get to do it yourself and save some money. Not only that, but the tubs are waist high so you save your back and none of the mess ends up in your bathroom! A self-service wash is a fun, cheap alternative to paying someone else to bathe your dog! You'll never wash your dog in your own bathtub again.
  • How often should I bathe my dog?
    The amount of time between baths can change depending on the lifestyle of your dog. It is usually a good rule of thumb to bathe your dog about once a month. If your dog loves hikes and playing at the dog park, a bath might need to happen more frequently like biweekly than if your pup is a couch potato. All of our provided shampoo and conditioner are safe to use on a frequent basis without worrying about the natural oils of your dogs coat getting stripped away. A nice reminder is to bathe your dog every time you wash your sheets!
  • Why are dog shampoos diluted?
    Most dog shampoos come as concentrates. In order to ensure the shampoo and conditioner can get through the coat diluting is recommended. It makes it easier for the shampoo and conditioner to reach all parts of their coats and not just the surface. Along with that, diluted shampoos makes it easier to rinse out of the coat and making sure nothing is left behind. The bottles at Canine Clean are premixed so you can use the entire bottle on your dog without worrying you are using to much!
  • How long does a bath take?
    Reservations for a self service wash are for an hour long. This is usually plenty of time to get your dog brushed, washed, and dried. A bath will usually take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. If your dog has a short coat typically that will be a shorter bath time than if your dog is long haired or has a double coat. Making sure your dog is dry is important especially in winter when the temperatures drop. If your hair can freeze after hoping out of the shower be aware your furry friend is no different.
  • What if my dog has bath anxiety?
    Bath time always has the possibility to become an activity you and your pup enjoy together! With a little work and dedication we have some tools to help make bath time a more enjoyable experience. Positive reinforcement can be used during the bath! We have lick pad add ons that give your dog some food distraction. This helps them lick away at the peanut or bully butter while you get the bath done! If it is the drying stage that always ensues chaos- try one of our happy hoodies to protect your dogs ears and acclimate them to the dryer! The stations have more space than a typical bathroom which gives you and your dog the chance to take up more space. Taking your time while giving a bath can help your dog get use to the steps and what is coming next.
  • What if my dog is dog aggressive?
    At Canine Clean we want to make it easy for any dog to get a bath! Our large tub will be the tub you want to book at. It is behind a wall that is about 3/4 of the way tall so they cant see what is going on in the rest of the building, blocking their view of other dogs. There is also a baby gate on that section. Dogs are still required to be under your control and on a leash when in the building and not in a tub. Make sure the grooming loop is securely on your dog in the tub to prevent escape artists getting loose. Bath time can be a stressful time on its own, but having to worry about your environment being safe for your dog can be an extra concern. If your dog is muzzle trained, you can bring them in with one on!
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