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We Clean the Mess!

After bath time leave all the stress of clean up to us!

20220126_184219 CROPPED.jpg

This might be the most consistent favorite thing about our self serve dog wash. When you are all done bathing  your dog leave everything at the station and we clean up for you, bath bag and all! 

No more clogged drains at home, leave all that fur in our tub! Less fur going down your drain means less clogs and a happy husband!

This is especially great for those of us that are renting. All that fur going down your drain could lead to not getting our full deposit back!

Check out the reviews!


Mollie C.

"Would highly recommend this facility for anyone needing to bathe their dogs without bending over a tub or clogging your home drains."

Starr H.


"Clean, convenient, each tub separate enough dogs have plenty of "territory". Calming music and all the supplies you need. And somebody else cleans up the mess! All in all, an awesome place!"

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